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Boarding Facilities
Overlooking the lush green sports field and the swimming pool is the “home away from home”- ‘THE DPS BOARDING HOUSE’. The students are under the guidance of Wardens, who mentor them 24×7. The double -storied building, has separate hostels for girls and boys, and can accommodate 100 boys and 50 girls in well designed air-cooled dormitories with facilities like study tables and proper lighting .Dorm Masters and Dorm Mistress help the Wardens in accounting for the work at the end of the month, counselling and monitoring the progress of the students .Besides studies, children are also trained in self dependency for better systematic life style and self discipline which help in their learning experience. We assure the same warmth and affectionate atmosphere of home for their healthy and natural growth as best citizen.
We provide an environment whereby students can develop their intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to work. Daily prep is well-structured, supervised, orderly and silent.
We encourage students to participate in activities in an atmosphere which values effort. We provide a broad range of activities, hobbies and pastimes related to age and maturity that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each student.
We help students to develop qualities of leadership and teamwork and we encourage students to become fully involved in the corporate life of their house and to recognize and support the needs of others through service to their peers.
Boarding builds self-confidence, independence, the capacity to interact with adults and fellow-students, self-discipline and a sense of direction. Throughout the experience of boarding, friendships are made which last a lifetime and a sense of identity with the school is forged strongly.
Well planned delicious and wholesome meals are prepared and served in extremely hygienic surroundings. A gracious and orderly atmosphere pervades the dining hall as students help themselves to a variety of mouth watering dishes- North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines followed by elaborate spread of desserts. The food served is healthy and hygienic, sourced from different parts of the country and abroad.
Hostel recreation includes all facilities available in the school, including TV room. Evening games and sports like football, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, chess etc. are organized under the guidance of the Sports teachers. Dorm talents get an exposure in various activities like mono acting, singing, dancing and acting etc. Supervised studies are conducted daily in an organized manner during the evening Prep Classes, where school teachers take time out to mentor the hostel students, clear their doubts and help in preparation of Tests/Exams. The students are allowed to go out with their local guardians on second Saturdays/ Sundays.