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Co-Curriculum Activities

Co-Curriculum Activities

Primary Section
For the overall development of a child, curriculum is not only the single criteria. The holistic growth as well as to develop the various facets of personality development of children; classroom teaching should be supplemented with co-curricular activities. These out of class activities affect all domains of life such as cognitive (intellectual), emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic.
Co-curricular activities are more focused upon cognitive aspects thereby help in intellectual development, competitiveness, excellence, quality achievements , creativeness and enthusiasm are few of the ethics of extra- curricular activities.
Non - academic activity in the form of co-curricular one provides support to students to venture into professional fields like fashion, music, painting, art, acting, photography, printing and many more. That’s why students need co-curricular activities which helps in enhancing many skill developments.
Secondary Section
Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are the components of non – academic curriculum helps to develop various facet of the personality development of the student. For all round development of the child there is a need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by Co-Curricular Activities.
CO-Curricular Activities are the true and practical expreinces by students. To a greater extent, the theoretical knowledge gets strengthened when a relevant co-curricular activity is organized. Intellectual by classroom teaching while aesthetic development, character building, spiral growth, physical growth, moral values, creativity etc are supported by co-curricular activities. Frankness and clarity in language and personality, is supported by these activities. It helps to develop co-ordination, adjustment, speech, fluence, extempore, expressions etc. among students at school level.